Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Let me introduce to you Tutay, My Dog

Tutay is an ASPIN short for "Asong pinoy", Mongrel in English, she is one of my pals and probably my bestfriend...

Dog training is not easy, well in fact its very hard, its not just having a dog and asking them to do something.. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and persistence, don't believe those guys that you can just train your dogs in just a night or few days, its not true because a human's brain and a dog's brain is different...

I tried to train my dog for my self
but nothing happens

I tried it but nothing happens I just make my command and ask her to obey me but still nothing happens . Yes, she do follow me just because I'm her boss and she was my dog and not because she was enjoying....

Our Dog is more than just a dog,
they were part of our family

Many people says that there must be a hierarchy between dogs and human but being in the highest level we must know that we should not treat them as lower level of creation.. Am I right self-confessed professionals? Many "Experts" says that we must inculcate to the minds of our dogs that we are higher to them for them to obey us, but being a owner and a dog lover isn't it better that we show love to them and let them follow us because they know and they can feel our love?

Train Your Dogs Without Hassle
and Let Them Enjoy

Understand your dogs and be able to make them obey you while enjoying each others company, this are just my experience in taking care of my dog.. I just love her and she love me back..

I also purchase some training material and follow it and hualla!! She is now very obedient but she thinks that what we are doing is just a game, she always follow my commands with wags on her tail..

Now I am training her lots of tricks and its not hard anymore...

Thanks with the help of the products below..


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This product is based on the real-life-experience of the author, it can give us, the dog owners the complete step by step procedures with photos on how to train our dogs..

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The author of this product is truly a professional but really do believe that dogs are part of the family..


Well dog lovers thats it, I am pretty much sure that those products can really help you make your dog obedient but not afraid of you....

Till then guys.. happy training